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As an Industry-and-trade-combined enterprise which integrated by production, supply and sale, ENC GROUP LTD is acclaimed for his bright prospect and good reputation in after-sales service and quality.

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We are the people whose passion lies in giving added value to our clients’ need. Specializing in transformer materials, we offer insulation materials, transformer materials and spare parts to help you engage with your company’s target markets.

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1.2kV-BIL30kV LV Integral Bushing

1.2kV-BIL30kV LV Integral Bushing , Tank hole 47.0mmRead More »

Tinned Copper Wire

After the oxygen-free copper wire is cooled at high temperature, a layer of 999 pure tin is coated on the surface of the bare copper through a constant temperature tin furnace at 250℃ to improve the solderability, oxidation resistance and other special properties of the copper wire.Read More »

Aluminum Transformer Strip

Smooth surface, no scratch, no oil stains without oxidation,In accordance with GBT3880-2006.Read More »

Epoxy Coated Fiberglass Mesh

Epoxy coated fiberglass mesh is braided by high strength non-alkali fiberglass impregnating with the epoxy resin. Read More »

DMD Epoxy Pre-impregnated Material

Pre-impregnated Material DMD(Class F)formed in the process of precuring the modified F-class DMD with impregnation of Hi-temp resistant Epoxy resin into B-stage by baking.Read More »

Diamond Dotted Paper

The Diamond Dotted Paper, also be known as: epoxy adhesive diamond Paper, Diamond Dotted Presspaper, Double sided Diamond Pattern Paper, DDPP, DPRCP, D.D.P, DPP, Diamond Dotted Insulating Paper, Varnished Paper, etc.Read More »


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Maintenance Method and Importance of Voltage Regulator Transformer

Regular inspection and cleaning is one of the basic steps of regulation transformer maintenance. Regular inspections can detect potential... read more

Daily Maintenance of Marine Transformer

1. Regularly check the appearance of the transformer The appearance inspection of the Marine transformer is the step of... read more

Application of High Frequency Transformer

1. Power system: High-frequency transformers are mainly used in power systems to transform and distribute electrical energy. The transmission and... read more