Classification and Application of Transformer Winding Machine

Classification and Application of Transformer Winding Machine

Transformer winding machine classification:

1. General CNC winding machine
General CNC winding machine is our common winding equipment, the series of product line coverage is relatively wide, there are small and medium-sized models also have heavy large models, control system generally choose single-chip circuit, because of low price, stable function, convenient protection and other characteristics.

2. Active winding machine
The presence of active winding machine greatly reduces the winding strength of the operator, our common active winding machine generally uses cnc controller, high-end models choose plc and fine servo system.

3. Foil winding machine
Foil winding machine is mainly used for winding foil coil, its structure and function are more messy than the general winding machine, tension control and foil tape correction is the key skills of foil winding machine.

4. Vertical winding machine
About vertical winding machine we may not be very common, it belongs to special equipment, in the large transformer high voltage coil winding generally choose vertical winding machine, as well as low voltage spiral coil also choose vertical winding machine, its operating principle and processing scale and our common parallel winding machine is completely different.

5. Three-dimensional coil core winding machine
The three-dimensional core winding machine has a high degree of initiative, and the number of winding turns can be directly displayed by inputting the number of gear teeth on the operation screen, avoiding the error of calculating the number of traditional winding turns and the number of turns. The equipment realizes the operation mode of winding the coil by sitting, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.

Application of transformer winding machine:

Transformer winding machine is the most important core production equipment in the production process of transformer, its winding performance determines the electrical characteristics of the transformer and whether the coil is beautiful, the current transformer winding machine is mainly divided into three categories: horizontal winding machine, vertical winding machine, automatic winding machine they are used in different fields of transformer production.