How to Deal with Abnormal Knife Switch in Operation?

How to Deal with Abnormal Knife Switch in Operation?

(1) In case of knife switch overheating, try to reduce the load immediately.

(2) In case of serious heating of knife switch , load should be transferred by proper switch, using inverted bus bar or reversing bypass bus bar with standby switch, so as to make it out of operation.

(3) If the heating knife switch is stopped, it may cause power failure and great loss, it should take live operation for emergency repair. At this time, if the fever is not eliminated, you can use the method of connecting the short route to temporarily connect the knife.

(4) The porcelain bottle is not serious discharge traces, surface cracking glaze, etc., can be temporarily without power failure, after the formal application for power failure procedures, then processed.

(5) If the knife switch porcelain bottle connected with the bus bar is damaged, it should be stopped as far as possible.

(6) Severe trauma to the porcelain bottle, porcelain bottle off the lid, breakdown to the ground, porcelain bottle explosion, knife welding, etc., should be taken immediately power failure or live operation treatment.