How to Repair Transformer Fittings Gas Relay?

How to Repair Transformer Fittings Gas Relay?

1. Remove the gas relay, and check whether the container, window, gas release valve, oil release plug, wiring terminal box, small sleeve, etc. are complete, whether the arrow marks on the wiring terminal and cover plate are clear, and whether the joints are leaking oil.

2. After the seal inspection of the gas relay is qualified, rinse it with qualified transformer oil.


3. The gas relay should be inspected by professionals, reliable operation, insulation, flow rate check qualified.


4. The diameter of the connecting pipe of the gas relay should be the same as that of the relay pipe, and the bending part should be greater than 90°.


5. Install the gas relay on both sides first, and the bolt connecting the gas relay with the valve, and the connecting pipe with the top of the oil tank is not completely tightened for the time being. At this time, install the gas relay between the connecting pipe and the valve, use a level to locate the position and make the inlet and outlet connecting pipe and gas relay in the same central position, and then tighten the bolt.


6. After reassembly, open the valve on the connecting pipe, connect the oil storage tank with the transformer body oil circuit, open the gas relay vent plug exhaust; Connect the secondary lead of gas relay and do transmission test.