Inspection and Quality Standards for Tap Switches and Leads

Inspection and Quality Standards for Tap Switches and Leads

1. Tap switch oil leakage, if caused by disc root, can be damaged or corroded gasket replacement of new products, if the rotation of the oil leakage, can be treated according to the situation, oil leakage can be used special oil resistant rubber ring or asbestos rope coated with butter with screw cap pressure, oil leakage gap is large, can be replaced with new products.

2. Tap switch insulation part after damp, must be taken off for drying. When taking out the switch, it can be processed by fixing the screw cylinder of the disc root. When taking out the tap switch, it is necessary to install a number on the connecting spool of the lead wire and remember the direction to prevent errors during assembly.

3. The insulating disc with fixed contacts should be tested when necessary. The AC voltage withstand value between the two contacts or contacts to the ground should be 2h.

4. Eliminate the tap switch on the dirt and mud, wipe clean with a rag. When the switch contact is not smooth and burnt, sand it with fine emery cloth. When the movable contact pressing spring fails, it can be adjusted or replaced. If the contact has serious burns and poor contact, replace it with a new one.

5. High and low pressure lead fracture and melting, should check whether it is caused by the distance between phases or line to the ground is not enough, according to the situation to strengthen insulation and adjust the lead. For broken and fused leads, insulation should be removed from the broken points, sand with an emery cloth and weld new leads.

6. The lead wire should be firmly clamped with wood clips that have been treated and dried, and arranged neatly. The screws on the wood clips should be tightened.

7. Check the fixing screw of the lead and the fixed part of the switch, must be firm, not loose phenomenon. Check the proper wrench for application.

8. In the work of the removed screws, parts must be unified in the wooden box, so as to avoid loss.

9. Quality standard of transformer tap switch:
(1) The screws of the switcher itself should be tightened and all parts should be clean.

(2) The contact surface of short circuit contact (i.e. moving contact) terminal board and switcher ring, etc., should be free from welding and melting phenomenon, with sufficient elasticity.

(3) All mechanical parts, wheel pins and supports shall be in good condition, without wear and shortage.

(4) The moving contact and fixed contact should be clean, good contact, the spring of the moving contact should be intact, the position is correct, and the elastic force is sufficient.

(5) The rotating shaft should be flexible, and the connection with the top cover should be tight, without oil leakage.

(6) The static contacts of the contactor should be well insulated, without burning out and breakdown.

(7) Insulation resistance between static contacts measured by 1000V gauge: G-10KV: 100MΩ above; Above 35KV: above 2000MΩ.

(8) Rotate the contact, so that the indication is indeed consistent with the requirements, and the pointer position is the same, the contact does not exceed the predetermined range.