Inspection and Quality Standards for Transformer Tanks

Inspection and Quality Standards for Transformer Tanks

1. If there is oil leakage in the weld of the tank or cover, it should be treated and repaired. When repairing welding, the casing should be removed according to the specific situation to avoid damage.

2. When the box cover is uneven and cannot be corrected with screws, the body can be removed, all the above parts removed, and pressed flat on the plate.

3. Scrub the box and cover with a rag, remove grease and oil, and clean the bottom of the box. Pay attention to clean the application of white cloth, do not use cotton yarn and easy hair removal brush. When the external oil leakage is too dirty, it can be soaked in the alkali pool and cleaned. After the clean water is washed, the anti-rust paint can be sprayed in time.

4. When the oil-resistant rubber strip is used for sealing, the bevel length should be less than 5 times the diameter of the rubber strip, and the compression rate is 30%.

5. When the oil tank, upper cover, oil pillow, safety airway, radiator and so on of the transformer are replaced or remade, the interior should be painted with varnish.

6. When replacing the cover of the box, the ring should be welded on the outside and should not be perforated and welded on the cover. The sling ring and derrick on the old cover should be welded to avoid oil seepage during maintenance.

7. transformer oil tank, oil pillow and top cover quality standards:
a. The oil tank, oil pillow and top cover shall not contain oil mud and dirt;
b. The connecting pipe between the oil pillow and the oil tank should be unimpeded and 30mm higher than the bottom of the oil pillow;
c. There should be no sand holes, cracks, welding and other defects, should ensure that no oil, water seepage.
d. External spray paint shall not have bumps, tears and other phenomena, should be flat, light, even;
e. The shell grounding screw is complete and firm;
f. There are collecting pipes or decontamination screws beside the oil pillow, which should be installed at the bottom of the oil pillow and equipped with moisture-proof breathing devices;
g. The edge of the top cover shall not be bent or uneven;
h. The sealing should use qualified oil resistant rubber pad and rubber rope;
i. The rings, lifting lugs and other parts must be complete;
j. Leakage test of the tank.