Maintenance and Quality Standards for Transformer Bushings

Maintenance and Quality Standards for Transformer Bushings

1. When the pressure cap on the upper part of the conductive rod is badly welded, remove the casing, pull the screw out of the casing, and then weld with copper. The fixed sealing of the casing should use qualified oil resistant rubber pads.

2. Gluing flange or sleeve is found to have cracks, as well as leakage of oil, the application of the appropriate size of the filler metal to remove the cement, sleeve and flange must be wiped and then glued.

3. When the lead wire in the casing is broken and the threaded screw is burned out or the tooth is slipped, it should be replaced. The material is made of brass rod.

4. When the casing is on, the tightness of the whole screw should be consistent. The wrench used for the upper buckle should be appropriate and the force should be appropriate to prevent the casing from being tight.

Quality standard of transformer bushing:

a. The inside of the casing shall be clean, free of oil mud and dirt, and shall be smooth and clean;

b. The casing and flange are tightly sealed, without oil leakage, oil leakage and casing distortion;

c. If the water deteriorates, it should be completely removed and replaced;

d. Casing should not have cracks and damage phenomenon;

e. The size of the sealing pad of the casing shall be the same as the diameter of the outer casing;

f. The casing lead rod shall be on the central axis of the casing and shall not be distorted and disassembled;

g. Casing repair process and quality standard.

Process and quality standard of additional insulating sleeve connected by body oil:

a. Whether the porcelain bushing is damaged or not. The porcelain bushing should be kept clean with no discharge trace, no crack and no damage to the skirt; When the casing is disassembled, the flange bolts should be loosened diagonally in turn to prevent the casing from being damaged by uneven force when loosening the flange.

b. Gently shake the porcelain bushing before removing it so that there is a gap between the flange and the sealant gasket before removing the porcelain bushing to prevent the porcelain bushing from cracking.

c. Before disassembling the electric pole and flange bolts, the conductive rod should be prevented from shaking and damaging the porcelain bushing. The removed bolts should be cleaned, and the damaged thread fasteners should be replaced or trimmed.

d. Remove the oil dirt from the insulating cylinder (including the conductive rod with covering layer), and keep the insulating cylinder and the covering layer on the conductive rod properly (dry if necessary).

e. White cloth should be used to wipe the inside of the porcelain sleeve; The outer root of the porcelain bushing is sprayed with semiconductor paint according to the situation. The inside of the porcelain bushing is clean, without oil dirt, and the semiconductor paint is sprayed evenly.

f. The position of the new rubber pad should be placed correctly, and the rubber pad should be compressed evenly and sealed well;

g. The casing is placed vertically on the casing rack, assembly and disassembly sequence is opposite, pay attention to the position between the insulation cylinder and the conductive rod, the middle should be fixed ring to prevent channeling, conductive rod should be in the center of the porcelain bushing.