252kV/630A OIP Condenser Bushings

252kV/630A OIP Condenser Bushings


Voltage: 36kV,52kV,72.5kV,126kV,252kV and up 1000kV in two years.

Current: 400A,630A,1250A2000A3150A etc

Main Characters:

1Low-PDpartial discharge):
PD≤5pC @Um ; PD≤10pC @1.5Um

2Low Power Factor
Under voltage 1.05Um/√3 tanδ≤0.40

3Self-owned process of aluminum oil level gauge and flange(Ground tube) manufaturing, nice appearance and fine quality.

4Test tap
Alumina porcelain will not be damp for reliable insulation.
The spring is compressing the earthing devices for reliable grounding and to avoid misoperation.
Entire sealing structure to prevent moisture.

5The sealing structure of the top part, which is patented, can ensure that even if there is undue stress, minor misoperation, it will not lead to the dangerous water fault.

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