Bushing Type Current Transformer

Bushing Type Current Transformer


1Standard: IEC,ANSI,BS etc up customer request.

2Types of current transformer: TPY,TPX, Class X,PR,PL,M etc.

3 Rated primary current scope (A)




1500020000 etc.

4Rated secondary current: 1A, 5A etc

5Operation Instruction

5.1 Bushing type current transformer is consisted of ring core, magnet wire and other insulation materials. The secondary windings can be single ratio or multi ratios.

5.2 Bushing type current transformer is used to assemble in transformer turrets.

5.3 When the nameplate is upward, the tope part is P1. Polarity: Subtractive.

5.4 The bushing type current transformer should not open circuit when operating.

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