Quality System and Quality procedure and in process inspection checks

The facotry have passed ISO9001.The workers will be separated into teams.The workers will do the fist check after they make the tank by themselves. Then they will check each other within the team. They also have quanlity checkers for each single process. And they also have checkers from QA department to do the routing inspections during production according to the drawing. They will check every tank.


Pressure and Leakage testing procedure.

The factory will take the Gas leakage test after the tanks been assembled and welded. They will take the pressure of 5kg continuously for 30mins in the water. If the tank passed the test ,they will ready to be next process.

Painting system details

After the gas leakage test ,they will do the surface treatment (oil ,dirt and rust removing )and then paint spread.

Painting system : spray gun

Inside painting : Anticorrosive paint (one layer of epoxy)

Outside painting : Epoxy-P.U paint .one layer of bottom painting ,two layers of surface painting.

After painting : Air dry


They have 40 welders and half of them have welder certificates.

QA department : 6 people

Workers: 120 people

Monthly capacity of the tank About 1200pcs

The factory is only a subsidiary. Their headquarter has 10 subsidiaries which widly in Dry and oil type Transformers , environment-friendly products and real estate etc. The workers are over 1000 people in the whole group.

Packing method

We will consider two tanks as a bond. They will be put in two layers but with the positive and negative directions.Flange or the base will be jointed by bolt.
Tanks will be separated by the batten to avoid direct collision. The bottom layer tank will be jointed by flange or the base with the bottom of the container
with batten also.The batten near the bottom of the container will be fixed to aovid sway during trasportation. The tank bond will be protected with the blister films by the side and the connection of the batten and tank to avoid paiting peel.


Automatic producing line for corrugated panel Automatic producing line for corrugated panel

Auto-welding machine

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