Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy Resin Condensor Core Dry Type Bushing

Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy Resin Condensor Core Dry Type Bushing


Through many years safe operation, our FRP bushing are highly ratified by both users and authoritative experts due to stable performance, high reliability and maintenance-free as well as other advantages. It is devoted to the oil-free, miniaturized and maintenance-free development for the power supply system.

Structure Characteristics:

The major insulation of FRP bushing is capacitance core, which is a pure solid capacitance core solidified under high temperature from insulating layers and capacitive screens that are twisted alternately and arranged one upon another. The insulating layers are made by CNC winding machine according to geodesic line, and capacitive screens are made from semiconductor conformal material. Connecting flange is made of high-intensity aluminum alloy; add sheds increasing creepage distance is molded by once injection of silicone rubber on the surface of capacitance core and forms and organic whole with it; high-intensity porcelain add sheds can also be installed additionally with vacuum casting of epoxy resin between porcelain housing and capacitance core.


A. Oil free, gas free, no filling, maintenance free

B. Large insulation margin for the design and semiconductor capacitance screen, which raise discharge inception voltage to the Max. extent, without partial discharge inception voltage to the maximum extent, with no partial discharge in operation.

C. Heat resisting and fire-retardant insulating material ,with no decomposition, stable electric property, and no danger of combustion or explosion.

D. Compact structure, small volume, lightweight, convenient transportation, installation at any angle.

E. Reinforced winding of fiberglass and optimized mechanical laydown design, high bend strength, excellent mechanical property, suitable for earthquake-affected areas.

F. Short processing cycle, customized according to customer requirements.

G. Slastic composite shell has good antifouling property, self-cleaning without sweeping and applicable in heavily polluted areas.

H, Long service life, low long-term running cost.

Product Range

Wall bushing 12kv-252kv

Transformer bushing 24kv-550kv

GIS outlet bushing 72.5kv-252kv

Oil/SF6 bushing 72.5kv-252kv

Oil/Oil bushing 72.5-252kv

Heavy Current Bushing 5000A-31500A

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