Flexible Rogowski Coil

Flexible Rogowski Coil


Flexible Rogowski Coil

——High Current Series(1kA-30 kA)


Delicate,exquisite and light

It has three size φ120、φ190、φ305.applicable for different current

Can be equipped with amplifier regulate circuit.High output voltage,Rich load-carrying capacity

Reflect speed,wide measuring current no salutation.

Flexible and split structure,convenient for fast measurement.can encircle busbar directly,no need to cut busbar.

Good Linearity,no salutation,wide measuring frequency.small effect by position.high ability of prevent interference.

Typical Application:

Current measurement in power system,smart meter and provide signal to microcomputer relay protection equipment.

The serious signal distortion occasion,such as relay protection,silison controlled rectifier, frequency control,resitance welding and so on.

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Electrical Parameter:


Usage Instruction:

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