Transformer Conservator (Air bag)

Transformer Conservator (Air bag)


Transformer Conservator (Air bag) Transformer Conservator based on Nylon Rubber ,vulcanized at high temperature in a vacuum offers to the electrical transformer market. The raw material made of a high resistance polyamide thread,external coating designed to provide very high resistance to transformer oil,internal protection resistant to nitrogen and atmosphere agents including ozone.The weight of the nylon rubber is no more than 1.54kg/m2.


1. The coating can resist -40Degree Celsius in 2hours without cracks and break.

2. No crack and obvious changes at 100Degree Celsius,in 70hours.

3. No air leak in 30 minutes after the air is flated under 20KPO. The function of the conservator is to line inside of the conservator tank in transformers,allowing for changes in oil volume,while protecting the oil from any type of contamination or external corrosive agents,such as air,ozone,nitrogen,humidity,etc.

4. The size can be make according to customers’ requirements.It offers a large range of specifications and shapes and sizes to fit every need.


1. Elimination of the air/oil contact and of condensation.

2. Vulcanized-in flange which precludes the possibility of leakage.

3. Elimination of oxidation and hydrolysis that might stem from air contact.

4. Interior fabric reinforcement at points of contact with level indicator to preclude the possibility of puncture.

5. Excellent impermeability to oil/gases and water vapour,through the use of a vulcanised-in barrier material.

6. Quick-response Manufacturing to meet customer designs.

7. Large range of flanges to meet any requirements.

8. Easy quick assembly Superb service life in contact with air and oil.

9. High mechanical resistance.

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