Transverse-flow Type Ventilators

Transverse-flow Type Ventilators


Transverse-flow type Ventilators for Dry-type transformers

1. The products are specially for the use of wind cooling of dry transformers, each dry transformer can be assembled with four to six cooling blowers,depending on its capacity.
2. We provide products with full specification(they can be assembled with transformers from capacity of 30KVA to 20000KVA), the main types are as follows:
●Side blowing type blower
●Top blowing type blower
●”three prevention” blower(TH)

The advantages are:

●Strong blowing, low energy cost;
●Reasonable structure, graceful in shape and easy to install;
●Even blowing,large direct covering, good cooling effect;
●Low noise,slight quivering, a plenty variety, excellent quality.

Technical Data:

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