Zero Sequence Current-Transformer

Zero Sequence Current-Transformer



a. Sealed with epoxy resin, anti-vibration

b. O-ring design, diameter from φ12mm~φ100mm, easy for primary cable installing.

c. High magnetic conductive core and high testing range


a. Primary input current: Iin:0-5 A

b. Secondary output current Io: 0-10 mA or 0-5 V

c. Ratio error:<±0.5% Phase displacement<±60’

d. Frequency: 45-1250 Hz

e. Output load impedance: >50 Kohm

f . Insulation resistance: >500 Mohm

g . Insulation voltage: >3 KV

Products applications

Applied to low current grounding selection devices, PC harmonic elimination equipement.

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