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1.Properties and Usages

Mica seats are parts made after processing of hard type insulate board.  At normal conditions, it has very good mechanical strength and electric capability and suitable for use as back-seat insulator.1.Properties and Usages



The size and dimension and thickness of the back seat mica is to be fixed between the users and manufacturer.

3.Main Technical standards

Type Description Heat resist Grade Thickness(mm) Dielectric strength Standard No.
PA5731 Shellac mica seat B 0.2-80 20 QB/PA2.01-98
PA5731-1 Shellac powder mica seat B 0.2-80 20 QB/PA2.03-98
PA5737 epoxy mica seat B 0.2-80 20 QB/PA2.05-98
PA5737-1 Epoxy powder mica seat B 0.2-80 20 QB/PA2.07-98
HP5M-3 Silicone muscovite seat 750ºC 0.2-80 20 QB/PA2.09-98
HP5P-3 Silicone phlogopite seat 800ºC 0.2-80 20 QB/PA2.11-98
HP6M-3 Inorganic glue muscovite seat 800ºC 0.2-80 20 QB/PA2.13-98
HP6P-3 Inorganic glue phlogopite seat 900ºC 0.2-80 20 QB/PA2.15-98