Transformer Lack of Oil Causes, Consequences, Treatment Measures

Transformer Lack of Oil Causes, Consequences, Treatment Measures

1.The reason of transformer oil shortage:

1)Repair or test from the transformer after the oil is not added.

2)Long-term seepage, oil leakage or a lot of oil running.

3)The temperature is too low and the oil storage capacity of the oil pillow is insufficient, or the volume of the oil pillow is too small to meet the operation requirements.


2. Transformer oil shortage consequences:

1) The oil level drops below the monitoring line of the oil level gauge, which may cause the gas protection device to misoperate, and the oil level and oil color cannot be monitored.

2) The oil surface drops to the transformer top cover, will increase the contact area between oil and air, so that the oil is easy to absorb water and oxidation, thus accelerating the deterioration of the oil. Moisture entering the oil will reduce the insulation strength of the winding and rust the iron core and other parts.

3) Due to leakage caused by serious oil shortage, the conductive part of the transformer to the ground and mutual insulation strength will be greatly reduced, suffer from overvoltage is easy to breakdown.

4) Transformer oil can not be immersed in the tap switch, the tap will leak and discharge between the high voltage winding short circuit.

5) When the oil level is lower than the upper tube port of the heat pipe, the oil can not circulate and convection, so that the transformer temperature rises sharply, or even burns out the transformer.


3. Transformer oil shortage phenomenon, usually take measures:

1) If the weather changes and the temperature drops, the radiator can be closed and the oil can be added in time.

2) If a large amount of seepage, oil leakage, according to the specific situation, according to the regulations to take corresponding measures.