What are the Check Items of Transformer Body?

What are the Check Items of Transformer Body?

Check Items of Transformer Body

1. Remove the oil dirt and mud on the iron core and winding with a rag, and wash the inside of the winding twice with clean oil until the oil dirt and mud are completely removed.

2. Use a gauge to test whether the iron core is well grounded. If there is no grounding piece, a piece of grounding copper can be added, and only a little grounding is allowed.

3. Use a shake meter to measure the insulation resistance of the core screw. If the insulation resistance performance is not good, the insulation of the core screw must be replaced. When replacing, the screw cap can be removed, take out the screw, and re-use cleaning paper, white cloth belt, yellow wax silk belt and other bandaged up, painted and dried, and then clamp with iron. The minimum insulation resistance value is not less than 2MΩ.

4. Check whether the fixing screws of all clamps on the body are missing and tightened. When loose, the appropriate wrench should be selected to tighten it. The lack of must be matched, and thoroughly check each part of the body in detail.

5. Whether the wood pad and insulation at both ends of the winding are completely fastened, and whether there are traces of displacement, deformation and burning out. Unqualified and incomplete must be replaced and made up. For the part that is not tight, the upper and lower nuts of the clamping screws must be screwed.

6. The flat tail pad and brace of the winding must be adjusted and installed if there is any place that is not straight and falling off. For the bad must be replaced, the lack of new should be added, the uncompressed flat tail pad can be used to wrench the upper and lower caps of clamping screws to complete.

7. Check the external state of winding insulation, if it is found that there is burn and damage between turns and layers, it should be rewound. If it is found that the winding is displaced and deformed due to the effect of electric power, it should be corrected.

8. For transformers that have not been damaged or burned out, insulation grade should be rated according to the deterioration of the color elasticity, brittleness and mechanical strength of the windings.

9. Use the meter to measure the high pressure to the ground, high pressure to low pressure, low pressure to the ground insulation resistance, if not qualified, should be dried.