Working Principle of Inverter Transformer

Working Principle of Inverter Transformer

Structural characteristics of inverter transformer:

1. The coil is made of F or C grade paint multi-cake winding, arranged tightly and evenly, the appearance is not covered with insulation layer, with excellent beauty and good heat dissipation performance.

2. The core joint is welded by sub-arc welding, the coil and the core are assembled into one after pre-drying → vacuum dipping → hot curing this process process makes the transformer coil and the core firmly combined together, not only greatly reducing the noise during operation, but also has a very high heat resistance grade.

3. The exposed parts are anti-corrosion treatment, and the leading terminals are wiring terminals or copper bar terminals.

Inverter transformer working principle:

1. The proper circuit turns DC into AC.

2. The coil transformer boost some irregular alternating current into square wave alternating current.

3. The rectifier circuit turns the alternating current into a sine wave alternating current.